Since 1997, Shenzhen Bilian Electronic Company Ltd. had been the network product manufacturer, provider, exporter, and developer in China. We are ISO9001 international quality authentication system certified, and our more popular products include our wireless LAN card, wireless LAN adapter, wireless router, Wi-Fi module, network switch, and network interface card.

In producing our quality wireless devices, we use advanced SMT high-speed production lines, wave soldering plug-in machines, testing lines, burn-in chambers, RF shield rooms, and more. Over the past 15 years, we have made great strides in the research and development of new wireless LAN adapter and related products. In fact, we have many of our own patented products, including wireless network products, wired network switch, computer accessories, and more. We have over 600 employees, and we look forward to working with more customers around the world.

Historical Events

In July of 1997, our company was founded. We started as an OEM business for computer accessories such as graphic card, audio card, serial-ATA IDE card, etc.

In August of 1997, Hong Kong went back to China, and we introduced some new brands, such as New Era. We cooperated with Jesoon, Chinese Yamaha chip agent, to develop the Diewas multi-channel audio technology and ISA sound card series. This earned us good feedback in the market. The New Era series sound card occupied 50% to 60% of the Chinese sound card market shares.

In December of 1998, we established branches in Beijing, Chengtu, Shenzhen, and Shanghai, and dealers in most provinces. Our Oscar sound card became especially popular.

In 1999, we launched the newest PCI interface sound card. We adopted a one-to-two sound channel structure and created our own technical standard in the sound card field. That year, we also launched the CPU-370 structural PCI card, cable concentrator, network switch, and more.

In June, 2000, we pre-registered the brand B-Link. We founded our factory in Xili town, called Lefen electronics factory. We started with 150 employees and began to develop and manufacture the 10M/100M network.

In 2001, we introduced the Fenshen U-disk. We developed 20 appearance molds according to requests of customers. We also received numerous jobs from the government, state-owned enterprises, schools, and exporters, and we continued to enlarge the storage capacity of our U-disk.

In 2002, our first PCI 56K modem card was launched. This product was aimed at addressing a major issue in the modem industry: unstable factors of telephone dial-up internet surfing. This product won the medal of Top Grade Chinese Export Products by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade. That year, we also attended the Canton fair.

In 2003, Brand B-Link was registered successfully, with a registration number of 3247693. We started preparation for implementing ISO9001 quality management system standard. That year, we were certified by the British Ingeer Certification Assessment Services Institute. We also began attending CEBIT and GITEX on a yearly basis.

In 2004, we focused our production, sales department, R&D department, etc., together to found the B-link electronic plant in Guanlan town. The new factory was a four-floor building that included offices, worker dormitory building, library, lounge, and covered 5,000 square meters. We also raised the staff’s mutual fund that year.

In 2005, we invested to build the ROHS green workshop, and met the ROHS standard. 

In April of 2005, we started production of B-Link Wi-Fi module. The highly-integrated chip for our wi-fi modules was able to deliver the same anti-interference performance as those of the foreign chip giants. Our chips were widely used in the MP3, MP4, acoustics, phone, and more. We occupied a great market share while contributing to lowering the product cost.

In 2006, we developed the FM stereo radio module.

In 2007, we attend the Hong Kong global sources exhibition.

July, 2007, we strived to achieve complete customer satisfaction, and zero customer complain. We achieved the following:
Delivery accuracy: >98.5%
Complaint rate: <2%
Employee satisfaction: >97%
Customer satisfaction: >97.6%
New product development percent passed: >90%

In 2008, we were praised as a faithful enterprise by the Shenzhen government.

In 2009, we become one of the most important Wi-Fi module suppliers of several international branded laptops. Our wireless LAN devices monthly sale reached 300,000 units. Our wireless cards are available in thousand specifications. Our wireless products primarily used the chipset of Taiwan's RALINK (LeiLing), Realtek, and Atheros wireless master control chip. Influenced by the US financial crisis, the west still continued to grow.

In April of 2010, in order to expand our scale, we moved to a new factory, an independent plant covering 15,000 square meters. The new factory has seven buildings and a beautiful environment. Our employees enjoy a better living environment.

In 2011, we invested a large endowment to develop a high powered wireless router. We won the related technical patent, and our product had the best performance at that time. In order to meet customers' needs, we formed a specialized management team, most with over a decade of operating experience. Presently, our products are available in a great variety of types, including but not limited to wireless network card, wireless router, sound card, switching card, modem, SATA card, FM module, WI-FI wireless module, wireless headset, U disk, blue-tooth device, card reader, multimedia HD player, and more.

Main Products
  • 300M 11N High Gain Wireless USB Adapter This BL-LW06-2 802.11n 300M wireless USB adapter complies with IEEE 802.11n/g/b protocols. It is adopted with USB port, and detachable double-antenna structure. It has infrastructure and Ad-Hoc operating modes. It features MMO and CCA technologies which can solve the bandwidth share issue, and automatically select the an idle channel to avoid the interference...
  • 150M 11N Wireless USB Adapter We provide 150M 11N wireless USB adapter. It complies with IEEE 802.11n (Draft 2.0), IEEE 802.11g, and IEEE 802.11b data link protocol, and support 64/128/152 bit WEP, WPA/WPA2, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryptions to protect the LAN from being infiltrated. Its wireless transfer rate reaches 150Mbps. The LAN card features the highest priority service function...