PCI-E Interface Card

PCI-E Interface Card

The BL-ES2 PCI-E interface card supports the internal serial port connection. Its data transfer rate can reach 115.2kbps. It supports the 2 × 16550 fast asynchronous serial port. This product supports the plug and play function, IRQ and I/O address automatic selection, and multi-card updating together with the extra serial or parallel cards that share its IRQ. The BL-EP1, BL-EP1S1 and BL-EP1S2 PCI-E interface cards supports the standard parallel port, enhanced parallel port and enhanced capability port.

Technical Parameters
TypePCI-E-to-2 serial ports PCI-E-to-1 parallel portPCI-E-to-1 serial port/1 parallel port PCI-E-to-1 parallel port/2 serial ports

B-LINK is a China-based PCI-E interface card manufacturer and supplier. We provide various types of products such as 11N dual antenna 300M wireless router, high gain wireless USB adapter, and internal sound card.

Related Names
Network Card Connecting to PCI-E Saler | PCI Express Network Adapter | Computer Hardware

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