4-Port PCI Serial Interface Card

4-Port PCI Serial Interface Card

This BL-CS4 4-Port PCI serial interface card complies with the 16C 450/550/Extensional 550 compatible UART port. It supports the RS232, RS485 and RS422 ports. Its two-way data transmission rate ranges from 50Kbps to16Mbps. It supports the serial modem control, and hardware or software flow control. It has a wide range of available serial formats from 5 to 9 bit. It supports the serial port communication check mode of even, odd, none, space and mark parity.

This PCI serial interface card allows the user to define the baud rate, external clock and PLL. It has 256 bytes chip capacity for serial ports in data transmission and receiving path. In addition, this product supports the remote wakeup and power management, transferring or receiving the shutdown notification via serial port, and the low speed IrDA.

B-LINK is a professional 4-port PCI serial interface card manufacturer, based in China. We also offer general network switch, 802.11n 300M USB wireless USB adapter, network attached storage router, and more.

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PCI Network Adapter Supplier | Internet Connection | Network Device

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