Build-in Modem Card

Build-in Modem Card
BL-M2800 BL-M2801 BL-M9561
Technical Parameters
Model BL-M2800 BL-M2801 BL-M9561
Type Normal dial-up
Data transmission rate56Kbps
Data link protocolV.90/V.92 K56flex V.90/K56flex ITU-T V.92,V.90,V.34,V.32 bis,V.32,V.22 bis,V.22,V.23,V.21,Bell 212A,103
OSwindows 98/2000/xp/vista windows 98/2000/xp/vista WinNT4.0、Windows2000、Windows XP、VISTA
Other parametersAutomatic dial-up and faxing
SMARTLINK2800 chip
V.17/V.29/Group 3/Class 1 fax protocol compliant
Caller ID display
Automatic dial-up and faxing
SMARTLINK2800 chip
V.17/V.29/Group 3/Class 1 fax protocol compliant
XON/XOFF flow control or RTS/CTS flow control
Dial-up method: Audio, pulse;
Protection circuit: fast equation semiconductor lightning protection circuit
Configuration requires: Celeron300/Pentium MMX266 above
Order set: EIA/TIA 578 Class 1, Hays AT

B-LINK is an experienced build-in modem card manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as wireless access point, 6-port PCI serial interface card, and fax modem.

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