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External Fax Modem

This is a 56K USB2.0 external fax modem with Conexant chipset, and it has two RJ11 interface. It enables a computer to transmit and receive documents as faxes, and offers Caller Identification and Dial-up Networking functions.

1. The external fax modem supports V.90, V.92 communication protocol.
2. It is easy to use, and has stable performance.
3. It conforms to advanced power management standard.
4. The external fax modem sends and receives V1.7 14400bps fax.
5. It integrates excellent modem technology.
6. It has a powerful lightning proof design and high-voltage lightning proof tube.
7. The highly integrated design offers a more stable performance.
8. The external fax modem offers a connection speed rate of up to 51200bps.

Product Specifications for the External Fax Modem UM03A

Operating Temperature 0℃~40℃
Operating Humidity 10%~90% RH no condensing
Product Highlight Conveniently checks the connection records by detailed syslog
Operating System Supports Windows95, Windows98, Windows ME, WindowsNT, WindowsXP, Windows2000,WindowsVista, Windows7
Product Model and Name 56K External USB Interface MODEM
Storage Temperature -40℃~70℃

Package Size
Size: 150*110*35mm

Retail Packaging

Pcs/Box Carton Net Weight (kg) Gross Weight (kg) Cubic Meter(mm)
100(PCS) 11 Kg 12 kg 785*320*305mm


Pcs/Box Carton Net Weight (kg) Gross Weight (kg) Cubic Meter(mm)
100(PCS) 12 Kg 13 kg 580*385*325mm

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