3-Port Network Switch

3-Port Network Switch

The BL-HB24 3-port network switch provides 27 IEEE802.3 10 Base-T ports, including 24 RJ45 ports, 2 BNC coaxial cable interface and an AUI port. It is specially designed for the industrial equipment and monitoring field. It supports all kinds of complicated networking. It can meet the needs of establishing the internal LAN for small and medium sized enterprise. This product can be connected to other 10Bset-T network equipment via RJ15, BNC, or AUI port. It suits both the thin and coarse cables, and can be connected to the optical fiber via a converter.

This network switch has security design that allows it to avoid the surge, lightning shock, static electricity, hot plug damage, etc. It has the fault tolerant design that allows it to continue the communication when one of its lines fails. It has three extra Uplink ports for extension, and good cooling design that can ensure the 24h non stop work.

Technical Parameters
Data link protocolIEE802.3/ IEE802.3 10Base-T/10Base-2/CSMA/CD
Data transmission rate10Mbps
Network topologyStar/bus
Port24x RJ45 port/2 x BNC port/1 x AUI port
Size19 inches
Power supplyAC 110-220V
Operating temperature -20-80℃
Operating humidity5%-95% , RH non condensing

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