802.11n 150M Wireless USB Adapter

802.11n 150M Wireless USB Adapter

This BL-LW05-H32 802.11n 150M Wireless USB Adapter is applied with RT3070 chip. It has 14dBi built-in antenna and 5dBi detachable external high gain antenna. It is perfectly suitable to be used in outdoor places.

Technical Parameters
Data link protocol IEEE 802.11g/IEEE 802.11b/ IEEE 802.11n/ CSMA/CA with ACK
Wireless transfer rate 150Mbps
Transmission distance Indoor 300m/ outdoor 800m(depending on the environment)
Spread spectrum DSSS
Sensitivity @PER54:-68dBm@10%PER/ 11M:-85dBm@8% PER/ 6M:-88dBm@10% PER/ 1M:-90dBm@8% PER/ 256K:-105dBm@8% PER(standard)
Antenna5dBi detachable external high gain antenna
Line coding formatOFDM/DBPSK/DQPSK/CCK
Encryption method64/128/256 bit WEP/ WPA/WPA-PSK/ WPA2/WPA2-PSK

B-LINK is a professional 802.11n 150M Wireless USB Adapter manufacturer based in China. We offer an extensive line of products, including fax modem, 3G wireless router, managed gigabit switch, gigabit LAN card, and much more.

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Network Connection Unit Manufacturer | Wireless Signal Receiving | Network Hardware

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