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  • 54M WLAN USB Card Its auto-sensing capability allows a high packet transfer of up to 54Mbps for maximum throughput, dynamic range shifting to lower speeds due to distance or operating limitations in an environment with a lot of electromagnetic interference.
  • 150M WLAN USB CardThe 150M WLAN USB card is a high-speed USB2.0 WLAN support 2.4G, with 150Mbps PHY Rate for both transmit and receive.
    It complies with IEEE802.11n, IEEE802.11g, and IEEE802.11b standards.
  • 300M WLAN USB CardThis 300M WLAN USB card complies with IEEE 802.11g, and IEEE 802.11b standards. It can perfectly inter-operate with all the 802.11n/g/b devices. Its auto-sensing capability allows high packet transfer rate of up to 300Mbps ...

B-Link is a professional WLAN USB card manufacturer based in China. We offer various types of products such as high gain WLAN USB card, wireless router, media player, external fax modem, and GIGA Ethernet switch.

Other Products
  • Sound Card BL-8768-S/PThe sound card has compelling 3D audio and 8-
    channel sound on multiple speaker series.
    It offers optical output (SPDIF output support for stereo ...
  • 3G Router BL-WP03-G1The network file transmitting protocols are Samba and
    The 3G router can support Windows NT/ 2000/ XP/ 2003/Vista, UNIX/Linux ...
  • 3G Router BL-WP02-G1The 3G router supports 64/128/152-bit WEP,
    complies with 128 bit WPA standard (TKIP/AES), supports MIC, IV Expansion, and Shared Key ...
  • 300M Wireless Router BL-WP01 It complies with the IEEE 802.11n standard with wireless transmission speeds of up to 150M. The router features 4 10/100Mbps ports to achieve the most effective data transmission. It has three detachable Omni-directional antennas ...
  • 300M Wireless Router BL-WP02The 300M wireless router supports PPPoE, Dynamic IP, and static IP broadband functions. RT3052 chipset is utilized.
    It offers automatic dialing, on-demand dialing, detachable time dialing, filling most dialing requirements.
  • 300M Wireless Router BL-WA02The 300M wireless router also supports on-demand dialing, online access management, automatic virus isolation, UPnP, DDNS, advanced system security record, and friendly user interface with simple and easy configuration ...